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Ouch this one is harsh. But love the line work you've done

LiteralHat responds:

Ay. Happy valentines day I guess haha

lol I love this piece. the prince wants nothing to do with that crap lol XD

2FLYBASED responds:

Thanks, royalty can be such a drag

Nicely done, I love the tones you are using in this piece

mistakeofnature responds:


And this is what happens when you are on acid lol XD

corpsecake responds:

maybe just a little bit of acid, as a treat

Love the line work and nice touch with the super metroid in the background. And watch out i heard that Metroids a booty eaters XD lol

56uzamiivan777 responds:

Well, Samus uses a Power Suit for a reason.

You know that bikini needs to just give up already. It's like trying to move the mountains with your hands lol Still nicely done, the toning is spot on

Grinchu responds:

Thats a fun way to see that bikini XD, I didnĀ“t thought on that

Awesome looking character but one question what's up with her lower jaw???

Gooseyteeth responds:

2019 era ducktooth still figuring out anatomy probably

I love to say nicely done, your line work is spot on. the only thing i would say is change the background because it matches with the clothes. but other than that nicely done XD

DeadRoyalNation responds:

I had 10 greens to choose from I was so tired and chose the same one smh but thank you

Hey practice makes perfect, but overall nicely done

2FLYBASED responds:

thank you, im glad that people dont find it horrible

Very clean lines, I hope you finish her.

luhellscythe responds:

thank you, i will!
she is my current priority

I am a freelance artist and writer. I self teach myself everything from photoshop to zbrush. I do art as a hobby, relaxation and also some gigs. I'm a goth who loves music, horror films, anime, games, anything creepy, also comics 90's-older

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